Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hello my old friend

Sorry for my tardiness, I was having computer issues and decided to take a little unscheduled hiatus.

The time away was good, I think I was getting too caught up in the numbers game and less focused on the reason for starting this whole thing to begin with. To be able to have a space where I could come and pour it all out...the frustrations, the triumphs, the mundane and the joyful.

I am still not 100% refreshed but I'm hoping to make a fresh start in the new year, a clean slate so to speak. So for those of you that have stuck around in my quiet period, thank-you. I look forward to sharing the journey ahead, I hope I don't bore you.

I live a fairly simply life, I am a wife and a mother. I'm not working at the moment so my kids are my everything...I sometimes feel as though I lack anything to contribute in an adult conversation. When people ask me what I've been up to it is typically same 'ol same 'ol. I love my kids though and I know that I will miss being around like this when I go back to work. I am guilty of not always appreciating how lucky I am to be at home with them, as people always say 'they are only little once'.

I was actually having a conversation with my sister the other day saying I am going to go back to work (look for work) sometime next year. She thinks I should stay at home until the kids are school age, that just isn't me. I am someone that likes working, I enjoy it and I have missed it...not that I am wishing away my time with my children, no doubt it will be hard when the time comes. Not only that, we need me to be working if we are to get ahead. I think she thinks I am selfish, I actually think it will make me feel more like me again and I will appreciate the quality time I would spend with them even more so. Time will tell how it will work out, nothing is changing at the moment.

Not long now until my daughter's 1st birthday, I am amazed at how fast that time has gone...she was just a baby in my arms what feels like only yesterday. I have enjoyed watching her grow and develop into this little pocket rocket of fire and cheekiness, cuddly cuteness and impatience. Her laugh always makes me laugh, gosh I love her to bits.

My son is growing more in to a little man every day as well, he is constantly astounding me with the things he comes out with. He is such a smart boy but boy does he like to challenge me sometimes, we are both as stubborn as each other. He did something the other day that made me melt though, out of the blue he just came up and wrapped his arms around me and said 'I love you mummy', I'll be damned if I didn't get a lump in my throat.

So while I might bitch and moan to you all here sometimes, know this...I love my kids with my entire being and I would do anything for them. As mums we all know that we have our good days and bad, but at the end of the day you wouldn't change them for the world.

I hope wherever in the world you are that you are having a good day, tell your kids you love them and give them a can never do it too much.

Much Love,

K x


  1. Work for me was a way to be a better parent. I don't think it is selfish. It is modeling a good work ethic. It gives you respite from the demands of small children, which are considerable and in my case, it made me a better mum. I'm much more patient and nice when I've had a chance to apply my intellect to something outside my daughter and her concerns. She also loves dagis with an unholy passion. Took me over an hour to get her out today.

    1. Naww thanks for your kind words lovely, they make me feel better. I think I will be making the right decision for me when the time comes. But it helps to know that it worked for you and gives me hope xx