Saturday, 23 November 2013

My lovely lady lumps?!

Are no more...seriously, why did no one warn me that my boobs would deflate once I'd finished breastfeeding? I always had decent sized boobs and now it seems that my daughter has somehow sucked the life out of them. I'm not happy, plus I know the older I get that gravity will be even more unkind. If I had money I would seriously consider doing something about it. 

They aren't completely gone, they have just lost their fullness and look a little sad...which makes me sad, I used to think I had a decent rack. Now I will depend upon the trickery of push-up and padded bras to make the girls look good. You are probably rolling your eyes at me for whinging about my boobs (or lack thereof now) but I had to share how I was feeling. I'm sure there are others that can relate. 

On a positive note, now that my daughter is weaned I have more freedom...not that I am yet to do anything with that freedom but still, it's there. It happened a little sooner than I had planned, the little minx kept biting the same spot...repeatedly, till she did it rather badly one night and it was too painful to feed from. I was actually surprised at how easily she weaned, took to the bottle like a champ. Made life a bit easier, her brother never did so I was a little apprehensive. 

We are off to a fairy princess party tomorrow, should be fun :) I like kids birthday parties, the food is the best! Cupcakes come at me...

We are off to breakfast with my lovely mother-in-law tomorrow morning, she truly is the best. We are lucky to have her, I only hope she knows just much we truly appreciate her. I will have to think of something sweet to do to show her. 

I'm just waiting for my coffee to kick in so I can get motivated to get up and do stuff around the house, it's never ending. Whoever said two things in life are certain, death and taxes...clearly forgot about housework!


K xo

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