Tuesday, 6 September 2011

By Popular Demand...ha

Alright Alright, I know I have been slack when it comes to this. Sorry bout that.

Let's see, where to start...

I think my son may be teething again, there has been drool galore, lots of munching on absolutely everything and the occasional rosy cheeks...not to mention the bad sleep habits (but then that is nothing new but there have been some shockers). So I am on tooth watch but there doesn't seem to be any telltale bumps on the horizon yet.

He is much more chatty now and loves to yell out Da Da Da Da...although I have told the hubby that he can't claim that until he knows what he is saying, ha. It is awfully cute though, he is definitely finding his voice.

In other news, the hubby and I joined a gym last week. Let me tell you, it has been awhile! I went and did a Body Attack class last Saturday morning and boy am I out of practice. Mind you, it has been well over a year since I had worked out properly. I am still a little sore 3 days later, ouch. We are both trying to improve our eating habits and cut out a lot of the junk, I miss chocolate.

Saturday night I had a girls night (well for a few hours), out for a quick meal followed by a movie. We went and saw 'Friends with Benefits', loved it...was a funny movie with some eye candy, excellent. It was nice to have a bit of down time, although not so nice when I got home and found out that the boy had been incredibly upset and inconsolable for a while. Poor bug...

Sunday was hubby's first Father's Day. We met up with some friends for a morning picnic at the beach, followed by a quick stop at the Shopping Centre...whilst there I had a zip malfunction on my shorts and had to by a new pair of pants (what a good excuse!). Followed by a lovely lunch at a new sushi place in Broadbeach. It was a nice day.

In not so fun news, I have been getting headaches off and on for a week or so now...it sucks. In the old days I would have taken a couple of tablets and tried to sleep it off, not an option anymore. I am not sure what is causing them but I hope they f*ck off soon.

Other than that I am not terribly exciting, so until some more stuff happens that will have to do for now :)

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