Thursday, 18 August 2011

My how the time flies

I have been a little slack in posting on here, I didn't think people were reading it or that interested but I have been told by a girlfriend of mine that she looks forward to reading this one's for you!

I can't believe my son will be 6 months old tomorrow. The last 6 months have flown by, although there have been days that have felt excruciatingly long. Since becoming a parent myself I have more respect for mothers, you don't realise what a tough gig it can be until you do it yourself. I love my son more than anything though, even when he likes to test me sometimes I wouldn't change it for the world. He is my everything, I love his dad to pieces but the love I feel for my child is on a whole other level.

I wish I could report in that he was sleeping through by now, but alas my son thinks sleeping is for losers. We have good days and bad but overnight he tends to wake more than a few times. Which is why I selfishly kept him in bed with us, I get slightly more sleep when he is right beside me. I know I should be trying to transition him into his cot for overnight sleeps but I am just not ready for the battle that it will be.

He seems to be learning new things all the time, he has recently learnt how to mimic a clicking sort of noise we make to him with our mouths that is incredibly cute. He can't quite get it to make the same noise but he tries, we think he is incredibly clever.

He is a pretty happy child, he has taken to giving out smiles to random strangers when we are out and about. I couldn't be more proud...I have to admit I like it when people tell me how cute he is.

Also an update on the car front, we reconsolidated our loans to borrow extra to get another car for the hubby so I can have my own wheels again...freedom! Haven't started looking properly yet but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am also in the process of trying to finally get some study organised while I am at home with the wee one. I should find out soon, fingers crossed. It is because I am trying to enrol straight in to a diploma course that I need to qualify, if not I will need to do a certificate course before I can then go on to do a diploma.

Looking forward to the weekend, have a few things on...breakfast with some friends & there little bubba on Saturday morning, dinner with a friend Saturday night and a picnic in the park with our friends and their daughter on Sunday. I am hoping the weather will be nice as it is overcast today with showers forecast.

I am also excited about next week as next Friday night I will going out with my sister, niece and friends to a male revue show, should be good for a laugh. Will be my first night away from the boy by myself for more than an hour. Although the hubby & I went to a movie last Saturday and left him with nana for a few hours, that was the first proper time away from him. Also the first time we left him with anyone other than either of us, apparently he was happy as larry and was all smiles when we saw him afterwards. Made me feel better knowing that he had been ok and wasn't upset, gives me the confidence to try it again.

I have the car for the next week as well as the mother-in-law is off on a holiday overseas and the hubby is using her car while she is away. Will need to make the most of it and get out and about. I am off to the shopping centre today to buy a present for my niece who is turning 21 next week. We will be going out for a dinner next Saturday night for it with family and her friends, I am even contemplating staying out longer afterwards and the hubby will take our son home. Not that I can drink or stay out too late as I will need to come home to feed the boy. Although if he keeps biting my nipples, if only he didn't detest formula.

So that is where things are at...till next time.

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