Friday, 9 September 2011

The return of Aunt Flo

Well I was lucky enough to be period free for pregnancy through to almost 7 months. It was bound to happen sooner or later...and low and behold, I am craving chocolate! ha

Last night was a shocker with the boy, he woke a lot and would not re-settle easily...trying to fool him with the dummy failed miserably and he would only go back to sleep after some boob. Needless to say I am tired today and having a lazy day.

Yesterday was a good day, my sister came over with my 4 year old niece (who I refer to as the little enigizer bunny as she just goes and goes and goes) and we hit up the newly opened Baby Bunting store. Followed by a walk around the shops and lunch. On that note, I hate when I order a steak medium rare and it comes out practically well done, grrrr.

Not much planned for the weekend as yet, I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday. Should be interesting, as I am only newly acquainted with the girl having the shower and the two mutual friends who I thought would also be going aren't, meaning I am not going to know anyone else there. I am looking at it as a potential opportunity to make new friends, I am sure it will still be a good day.

I am feeling rather bored today. There is only so much internet you can look at until you get over it.

Also it was a gorgeous day here yesterday but today it is overcast and meh.

Well that's all from me for now, as usual...nothing exciting to report here.

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