Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Where to begin?

It has been a while since I last posted, god knows I can't remember it all so I will just fill you in on the main bits.

I decided to try my son in his cot again, he had been waking up a lot in our bed & was difficult to resettle so I figured since I wasn't really getting any extra sleep by having him there I would try the cot again. It has been almost 2 weeks now since he has been in there. The initial transition was rough, he woke every hour. Since then he has slowly improved, still not sleeping through the night but usually only wakes a couple of times. He has randomly thrown in the odd 5-6 hour stretch, last night it was 10.30pm till 3.30am. Slowly but surely we are getting there.

We started swimming lessons last week, it is Tuesday mornings and I go with my sister who takes her 4yo daughter at the same time. It is nice and we tend to grab a coffee afterwards, there were tears this week as the pool heater had blown up and it was son is not a fan of cold water, just like his mummy.

We are super close to crawling, he gets up on all fours and rocks back & forth. He is able to roll all over the place to get around and do 360 degrees and even push backwards a little bit but I don't think it will be too long before he figures out how to go forward. That will keep me on my toes.

This weekend we are going to have a BBQ at our place to watch the AFL Grand Final...Go PIES!

I am off to do the Body Pump class at gym tonight, it has been forever since I have done it and I am not looking forward to's gonna hurt.

Right now I am listening to my overtired baby refusing to go to sleep, sigh. He exhausts me sometimes, he's lucky I love him. I never know what I am going to get with his sleeps...he did an hour & a half nap this morning, and has only slept 2x 40min naps since. Even though he has been rubbing his eyes and is clearly tired he still fights it. I wish my baby liked sleep.

Anyway I best be off to try and convince the stubborn little mite that having a sleep is what's best for him.

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