Monday, 8 August 2011

If in doubt...blame it on teething!

So my son has been a little unsettled for the last couple of weeks, he hasn't been sleeping well and it was difficult to try and get him to go to sleep (let alone stay asleep).

I am not sure if his teeth are giving him grief or if it is down to what is known as 'wonder weeks'.

Another side affect of his newly acquired teeth is him using my nipple as a chew toy! They are surprisingly sharp and it bloody hurts, yesterday he drew blood for the first time. I am hopeful that he will snap out of it because otherwise he will be going on formula whether he likes it or not.

I am a bit sleep deprived after the weekend, wasn't just my son's fault (although he has been waking a lot during the night and waking up quite early). Saturday night my husband went to a bucks party, he was going to keep me updated throughout the night. When my son woke me up just before 1am and I realised the time I was concerned that he wasn't home yet. I sent him a text to find out where he was, I rang and left a message and then kept ringing as it kept ringing out. I was equal parts furious and worried (ok maybe slightly more furious). Long story short, he hadn't checked his phone and didn't think to send me a message (grrr) and got home just before 2am.

I was planning on making his life difficult the next day but then I just couldn't be bothered and got over it. Although I do expect him to make it up to me, ha.

Yesterday was another lovely day having a picnic with our best mates and their daughter, we want to make it a fairly regular thing. It was just so lovely and relaxing, gorgeous weather which makes me appreciate our little corner of the world. I can't wait till Summer time so we can go to the beach and build sandcastles.

My son woke up quite early this morning, he must have been knackered though as he slept for almost 2 hours this morning and is having another decent sleep now. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt? Hopefully he is back to sleeping well during the day again, fingers crossed.

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