Monday, 1 August 2011

What a weekend!

Saturday was manic, as I previously mentioned we had a 30th and a 1st birthday party to go to that day.

Only managed to spend a couple of hours at each (with a short break in between), finally called it a day around 6pm as our son had been awake since 11am! He tends to not want to sleep when we are out and about, too much going on and he doesn't want to miss out. He had a couple of power naps in the car but when we opened the door to grab him out he would wake up.

So as much as I would have liked to have stayed longer, I needed to put him first...he needed a sleep. He fought it as well because he was overtired, there was a lot of resettling.

Sunday we were suppose to catch up with some friends up Brissy way but we were both so knackered from Saturday that we postponed it.

Instead we just went and had breakfast out and then had a little squiz around the shops. As usual neither of us brought anything for ourselves but I got our son a few tops and some bonds wondersuits in the next size up!

He is growing and getting bigger and smarter all the time, I love watching him master new skills.

I can tell he wants to crawl but he gets frustrated that he can't do it, he will try for a bit. He is good at getting his bum up in the air but not there yet (thank-god, I am sure once he's mobile I will be kept on my toes).

I have had a shocking day food wise today, need to go shopping tonight as there isn't much in the house. My day has consisted of biscuits, chocolate and ice cream...oh dear, sounds worse when I put it in writing!

It is going to suck when I am no longer breastfeeding, then I won't be able to get away with days like this! Thankfully I am usually fairly sensible when it comes to food and try not to overindulge. Today has been an exception, though I still have little treats...just not as much.

Speaking of food, struck a new deal with the hubby over the weekend. I will cook dinner during the week every night (we usually take turns) and he has to look after our son during that time. That involves the bedtime routine of solids, bath, book, boobie (which I will obviously still do) and bed. As well as doing the dishes for me sometimes. We shall see how it goes.

It will start tomorrow night as he is out for a work dinner tonight, lucky bugger.

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