Thursday, 14 July 2011

More Gorgeousness

As I have previously mentioned, I am getting a little obsessed with all hand made goodness for my son. I stumbled across another lovely page on facebook called Row Made (Row Made Facebook Page) that does cute lil' monsters. I happened to stumble across it at the right time as she was having a sale, see what I got below. It has been a hit, my son loves to munch on his little taggy head.

I also wanted to share another lovely bit of writing in regards to motherhood:

Also another small success to report on here, this morning when my son woke up after his usual 40 minute sleep cycle I went in to settle him and then left soon after to see if he would go back to sleep. It took a little while, there was a little bit of grizzling followed by a little bit of babbling and then...silence! When I went in to check on him (30 mins had passed since he first woke up) he was asleep, he managed to self settle and then proceeded to sleep another 40 mins :) 

He is definitely getting better during the day, now if only he would sleep better during the night. I keep hoping that somehow when I transfer him to his cot for overnight sleeps he will magically sleep longer! can dream. A not so comforting thought - last night my husband reminded me that he slept in his parents bed until he went to school! Arghhh, no way will I let that happen...I need to reclaim my side of the bed so I can sleep better.

Although my new motto is - Sleep is overrated. ha ha

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