Saturday, 3 May 2014

Manic May

Ok maybe not so much manic as busy...lots on this month. 

Let's not forget the all important Mother's Day (next Sunday for those that need reminding). Sh*t that just reminded me that I haven't booked the cafe for breakfast, must do that tomorrow. 

Tomorrow night we have our friends engagement party, I have no idea what to get them as they already live together so have all the usual house stuff. I might have to peruse pinterest for some inspiration. 

Not next weekend but the following hubby and I are both out, I had already locked him in so I could have a girls night and then he got invited to a bucks party on the same night. Nana to the rescue, the kids will be having their first sleep over there. I hope they are good for her! 

I am also super excited about the 24th of May, there is a crafty event in Brisbane run by Unleash Creative that I will be attending. I cannot wait, it is going to be awesome. If you want to learn more about it check out Unleash Creative

That's all the big things really, but that is more than usual for us.

Oh and guess what I'll never guess so I'll just tell you. I deleted the facebook app off my phone, I know that's not really that big a deal but for a social media addict like myself it was a big step. I still pop on briefly once or twice a day on the laptop but I try not to spend too long on there and have cut back on how much time I spend on there. I used the app a lot because it would flash up with notifications all the time so I was constantly checking it throughout the day. Mind you, my phone is still glued to me because I am obsessed with Instagram. Ahh well, baby steps.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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