Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Date Night!

I was super excited last week as I was looking forward to date night on the Friday night, not just any old date night either.

First of all the kids were sleeping over at nana's house, secondly we were going out for dinner and drinks with friends and to top it all off we had decided to stay in a hotel rather than taxi it back and forth. 

In my excitement I got my hair and nails done, it was almost like going to some sort of elaborate event the way I prepared for it, ha. I need to squeeze the most out of these opportunities, mama needs to get out more ;)

Thankfully I can report back that it was a most awesome evening with great company and fabulous food, a moderate amount of alcohol was consumed but not so much that I suffered any sort of hangover...phew. 

My only complaint with these little getaways is that they go too quick, ha.

It was straight back to reality the next day, we had a family birthday party to attend that afternoon. We ended up having to leave early as our son had a meltdown due to being tired, these meltdowns can occur over the most random of things and last it a 3 year old thing? He had one on Monday that I swear lasted a good solid 40 mins, I was ready to sell him on the black market! 

Anyways, here are some pics of the fabulous weekend that was.

Our lovely hotel room

Such a great little space

Obligatory selfie with said fresh do & nails :)

Delicious espresso martini, don't mind if I do

Glorious sunrise view from our balcony 
(yes even though I could have slept in, fate would have it I had the worst sleep ever)

A bit of street art in Broadbeach

and a little more

Beautiful orchids at the cafe we went to for brekky

Sunday beach vibes, such a stunning day

Ahh nature, you are awesome

Well there you go, it seems like a distant memory already. Mummy seems to have her cranky pants on today so it must be close to 'that' time of the month...sigh.

I hope you all have a great day.
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